The Ranch – Bon Air


The Ranch of Bon Air was opened in 2007!

This time stepping up in the world and moving into a very old jewelry office with a busy square outside and security badges and organized entertainment for all ages.

Located in central Marin in the Bon Air Center, Greenbrae. An action packed daily routine world off the beaten dust road 101 in a 21st century  gathering place.  A modern and convenient drive-by shopping center and the opposite of small town, now in big town.   After building it from the ground up the new location was designed to appeal to Men, women & children (and employees) with the comforts of home but still in a a western theme with art by local artist Chris Olsen. A saloon style interior with a pool table, big screen TV , saddle stools and  wild west wall memorabilia from a time gone but not forgotten, before the west was won…

Shortly after opening, The Ranch of Bon Air was hit by the Great Recession. Tough times were challenging and financial storms were fierce, but The Ranch(er) managed to stand its ground and maintain customer return and growth (and keep the employees working…)

Even though a Marin mini  Madoff and a smooth con artist poisoned and stole most of the original  San Anselmo and new clientele, buying an existing haircutting business to open just “another salon” and building fame and fortune from originating in defaming The Ranch(er) of Bon Air with deception, spreading lies and manipulation.

The Ranch of Bon Air rebuilt, this time with new customers and great employees.

Once again arose from its ashes and still remains. It is considered to be the (one and only HOSS) Honest, Original and Self made  Salon.

The Ranch – Bon Air
275 Bon Air Center
Greenbrae, CA 94904

Phone: (415) 461-0960
Text: (415) 595-2043

The Ranch Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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