Andreas Ade

Andreas Ade is from Stockholm, Sweden. He got into the worlds oldest (legal) occupation after listening to his mothers good advice (she’s a hairdresser and owner of a beauty salon in the old country) and going to 3 years of a Swedish hairdresser school. That decision landed him the position as the barber on board the Swedish military ship HMS Carlskrona where he cut hair around the world.

He is a “renaissance man and a jack of all trades” but enjoys cutting people of all walks of life’s hair off the most. What is better then “hairing” somebody’s life story and making them look and feel great? At the same time getting them off to a new fresh start!

He now resides in the (Best of the West), Marin County, California where he lives with his wife Yvonne. They enjoy travelling, especially exploring the Bay Area Backroads. When he’s not running a Marathon or Escaping from Alcatraz Triathlon (back in the good ol’ days) he likes to wrestle his dog, the Wasa Girl.

He is kind of a funny fella that both enjoys good friends, or an expensive beer all by his lonesome in front of The Man Show. He likes to head bang to all types of music and reads and listens to any (body) thing that makes him travel without moving. If you are in his neck of the woods, don’t be a stranger…

Favorite saying: “Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs or cutting hair” – George Burns