Behind The Name

The Ranch old logo

Well, the old conventional Salon or Barbershop names sounded kind of predictable, so why not something different and new!

It’s location speaks for it self. The Ranch is located literally on top of the Corte Madera creek surrounded by a dozen redwood trees and with views of Bald Hill and Mount Tamalpais.

The area was formerly inhabited by the Miwok Indians that used to fish and and hunt around the creek, so the name seemed even more appropriate…. Another aspect of the name The Ranch is in an ever changing world with “political correctness” and equality, young and old men need a place where they can be themselves, charge their batteries and get a new fresh start.Father and son getting a hair cut together an American tradition. The Ranch provides a tribute to past, present and future with pictures of American heroes on the walls and a living room environment.

The Ranch of San Anselmo was devestated right after opening by the great 100 year flood on December 31, 2005. Even though everything in the front and the back was washed away and the inside had 4 feet of water, The Ranch of San Anselmo arose like Phoenix from it’s ashes and still remains.

The Ranch can easily become “The Ranches”, so hold on to your hats…